6 week session: 2 classes /week

Dragonfly + Dragon Levels

High Intermediate + Advanced/Professional

(12 classes total)

This is a great combination for the dedicated student who has reached a high intermediate level and is looking for a bit of an extra challenge or even just more and deeper practice.

It is also great for the Advanced or Professional dancer who is looking to solidify, improve and bring her technique and skills to the next level by adding focused practice and challenging drills and combinations.

These classes are intended to run for 6 weeks, taking 2 class per week. (For a total of 12 classes)

However, you can do more or less each week and complete the course at your own pace.

Each class is divided in small sections so that you can re-do, review and practice at your heart's content.


To learn about each class description you can do so in our website HERE.


If you are looking for 3 classes a week or Firefly + Dragonfly Combo or other Combos with Fusion, look to our main page, we have them!

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