Firefly Level

Starts June 28

This is a super exciting level! As you master the moves learned in Butterfly you will feel your movement vocabulary expanding and shining through in variety and complexity.

This class refines, perfects and elaborates upon the more complicated moves and isolations learned in the previous level and introduces intermediate level moves and layering.

Special attention is given to smooth transitions, arm patterns, turns and presentation.

This class is FULL of fun challenging combinations and technique drills that will keep the class dynamic and interesting.

Students will learn a full choreography/routine throughout the 6 weeks.

Each class is released every Monday starting June 28, for 6 weeks.

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Firefly - 6 week session

Firefly Level - Dragonfly Bellydance

Firefly - Beyond Beginner / Starting Intermediate

Prerequisite: Butterfly (or equivalent)

Not recommended for total Beginners, suitable for students who have gone through Butterfly at Dragonfly, OR who have had other previous bellydance experience of more than 6 months (ideally 1 year).

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About Zahira

Zahira is aneffective, charismatic and caring instructor. An accomplished dancer known for her powerful stage presence, exceptional technique and inspiring choreographies, her classes are engaging, empowering and inspiring.

In her 15 years of teaching experience, Zahira has become a beloved instructor in Toronto and the GTA.

Her signature style comes from her strong foundation in Egyptian bellydance and American Cabaret bellydance (American Vintage), with influences of Argentinean, Turkish and Fusion styles. She is a pioneer of Steampunk bellydance in Canada and a true master of props.

Whether you are just starting your bellydance journey or are a seasoned professional looking for a challenge or to expand your dance horizons, Zahira's classes will enrich your dance and your life! 

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